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"Odeonacoustic* fabric wrapped glass wool core panels are being manufactured by using 95 ds glass wool sheets, water based hardeners at edges, high quality fabric with acoustical properties while utilizing experienced labor force  to achieve a standard quality on each panel. Odeonacoustic panels fullfil every Professional application needs."


"Odeonacoustic panels, outsource raw materials from wellknown and proved to be reliable manufacturers.

Utilization of CNC machines ensures that every piece of product manufactured stays within specifications. Efficeint and flexible approach to manufacturing processes, keep cost of manufacturing lower than expected."


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"Odeonacoustic fabric acoustic panels have a variety of colors. Since color options are limited to color catalog, perforated genuine wood panels can be painted. MDF panels can be manufactured in pre set colors, again color selection is possible within the manufacturers palette. "

*EN13501 Fire Class B, Glasswool Core, Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels. TB117 & NFPA260 compliance.

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