"Odeonacoustic panels, has variety of thicknesses and colors. Constant variable is always quality. Efficient methods of manufacturing ensures that, during processing of panels less waste material appears, use of water based hardeners ensures that panels can be safely used indoors without causing toxic fumes over time. Our fabric panels comply ASTM E 84 and ISO EN13501-1 B Class fire rating standards, and have optional A2 certification. All fiberglass ceiling panels are rated at A2".

"Fabric acoustical panels has one purpose. Sole purpose is reduction of noise. When they are placed on walls or on ceilings wisely, this dramatically increases acoustical properties of room. In general, on bigger projects, after acoustical analysis done, reflective surfaces such as MDF panels are being used in combination of Odeonacoustic panels. Use of high quality glass wool material in its core, helps you to control the heat as well. Same logic applies to ceiling panels.

BAFFLEs and RAFTs  can be manufactured according to  your architechtural needs."

Odeonacoustic panels are being manufactured by use of water based hardeners to ensure no toxic fumes released indoors. All polyester panels are ISO13501-1 B Class, fire resistant. All glasswool panels are A2 class and comply with ASTM E 84 standards.

Fabric Acoustic Panels
MDF Acoustic Panels

"MDF is semi organic material. It is composed of wood dust or specks and a special type of bonding glue. After processes have been tone, this soup like material compressed in shapes of big rectangles. Result is standardized wooden sheets. Panel manufacturing is done by CNC machines and these panels can be slotted, perforated or plain. These kind of perforated and/or slotted panels serves as semi reflective surface while reducing the effect of some of the frequencies  which are actually components of sound. Hole size and slot specifications defines the effective frequency region of MDF acoustic panels."

"High quality genuine wood finish is something harder to achieve. Impurity of wood surface makes processes harder to complete and slower to finish. Automated painting is a must to have standardized finish quality. If a project requires such product, Odeonacoustic has a simple solution. MDF panels with genuine wood layer on it. These panels can be processed as MDF panels and can be perforated and slotted. Main difference is the surface finish. It is painted with UV cured paints/varnish. Limited range of coloring is possible if it is required.

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Genuine Wood Panels
OD-120 20mm Fabric Acoustic Panels
ASTM C423 0.80 NRC. In size of 60x60cm and 60x120cm. Custom sizing is possible.(24",48")
OD-140 40mm Fabric Acoustic Panels
ASTM C423 1.00 NRC. In size of 60x60cm and 60x120cm. Custom sizing is possible.(24",48")
Fabric Acoustic Panel - H
40mm Fabric Panels with side slots
Perforated MDF Panels
Perforated Acoustic Panels. Custom sizing is possible.
Slotted MDF Acoustic Panels
Slotted Acoustic Panels. Custom sizing is possible.
Slotted & Perforated MDF Acoustic Pa
Slotted & Perforated Acoustic Panels. Custom sizing is possible. Sloped ceilings can be made.
Painted Reflective Panels
Painted Reflective Panels
Genuine Wood Acoustic Panels
Genuine Wood Panels
Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Baffles
Acoustic Fiberglass Ceiling Panels, Baffles and Rafts in various shapes.
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